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Other than plain water, tea is the world’s favourite beverage. Researchers are now uncovering its biological secrets, opening the door to an array of potential benefits.

This Nature Outlook is editorially independent. It is produced with third party financial support. About this content.

This Nature Outlook is editorially independent, produced with financial support from a third party. About this content.

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Researchers are uncovering the biological secrets — and potential health benefits — of one of the world’s most consequential plants.

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Genetic studies of today’s tea plants are providing clues to how the plant was first domesticated.

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International efforts to enhance the quality of tea are falling short of their potential — mainly because of the way that research is conducted in countries that dominate tea production.

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Quantum dots, which have potential uses in medical imaging and solar cells, could be made with help from the polyphenols found in tea leaves.

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